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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Silversmithing and Gem Setting

Hello, How are you?
I have been absent for a long while now, one of my later posts I had mentioned I would be having new beginnings in my Jewellery adventures. I was enrolled and accepted into an Advance Diploma of Jewellery Design. I have been attending this course since February this year. This course goes for 3 years.

My classes include:
Jewellery Workshop - Involving:
- Casting
- Soldering
- Bezel making
- Silversmithing
- Annealing
- Rolling metal thickness down
- Gemstone setting
- Filing
- Sanding
- Polishing
- Sawing
- Oxidizing
- Shaping ring bands, around mandrels
- Use of inlay: the process of sawing out a pattern of one type of metal, then replacing this cut out shape with a different metal, allowing for colour and texture contrasts.

Overall I have been designing and creating my very own jewellery made from a variety of metals. These metals include:
- Fine Silver (0.999)
- Sterling Silver (0.925)
- Copper
- Brass
- Nickel
- Eventually I will be able to work with gold

My other classes involve:
- Jewellery rendering and design - Drawing, and designing your jewellery design ideas, learning techniques and textures in drawing.
- Jewellery History - Involving researching of contemporary jewellery, history and recognized jewellers, basically lots of research about jewellery design and history.
- Digital Design - Where you learn how to use Photoshop and graphic programs to create realistic blue prints of your designs. I have recently learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Here is are some images of what I have made and achieved so far this year:

Zircon Dome Flower Ring:
My Second College Assignment I had completed, this ring is now on display at my college.
A sterling silver ring (0.925) with a dome feature which includes: A nickel dome structure inlayed with brass, a sterling silver plate with pierced flower design and a fine silver (0.999) bezel tube with a zircon crystal.

My first assignment in which I completed.
Also this is the first ring I have ever made.
 Materials include: Sterling Silver (.925), Fine Silver (.999), Hard-grade Sterling Silver solder and a gemstone. Techniques I used to achieve this piece: Annealing, Soldering, Sawing, Filing, Sanding, Shaping softened silver around mandrel into ring shape.

The beginning progress of my cuttlefish-textured sterling silver ring (with titanium dyed topaz):
This ring has been crafted by casting sterling silver in a prepared cuttlefish bone. At this stage I had also begun crafting my titanium dyed topaz stone setting.. I will be ready next week to bezel set the topaz. and then the finished product.. the topaz and its bezel will be soldered onto the ring once my ring is fully prepared.

Thank you for reading
- Molly xx


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