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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Make a Glass Beaded Charm Bracelet

Here are these very simple steps of making a beaded charm bracelet of you very own!


-Nylon or elastic thread
-15-16 medium size Glass beads
-15-16 beads, 10mm beads, if 5mm you will need 30-32 beads
-15-16 headpins
-15-16 jump rings
-two crimp beads and two piece clasp (if using nylon thread)

1. First you need to decide what colour findings you will be using (silver, gold, antique ect) and what type of glass beads and what colour for example, random mix, blue, green, red mix, ect. And also the beads you will be using to space the charms, smaller beads are preferred. And then are you going to have it on elastic or nylon? If you are going to make it on nylon you will need to work out what type of clasp you will use.

Now we get started on making your glass beaded charm bracelet.

1. Now you need to start stranding on your glass beads onto the head pins, you can have more than one bead on each headpin if you like. After you thread a bead onto each headpin, using the pliers you need to bend a closed up loop using the the rest of the wire on the headpin. These will become your charms for your beaded charm bracelet.

2. Now put your charms aside. Okay now you need to cut your elastic/nylon,You will need to have it two strands thick to give the bracelet extra strength to hold the glass beads and to make it easier for attaching the clasps to the nylon thread.

3.This step is if you are using nylon thread. With the nylon fold it in half and thread one piece of the clasp to the fold. Now thread a crimp on the two strands and squeeze it tight so the clasp piece is held in place.

4. Before you start threading on all the beads attach each charm to it own jump ring.

5. Now to start threading on your beads (the beads which will be separating the charms). After one or two small bead, thread on one charm (making sure your threading the charms on through the jump rings).

By now your bracelet should look similar to this:
 6. Once you've threaded on all your beads and charms, for the elastic bracelet you will need to tie a double knot with the two ends of the bracelet:

7. With the nylon bracelet you will need to thread on a crimp and then the other piece of the clasp and then thread the nylon back through the crimp and the last bead you thread on. Then you need to squeeze the crimp in place and tie a not where you thread the nylon back through the last bead.

This is the finished product of an elastic beaded charm bracelet I have made:

If you have used these instructions please leave a comment and tell me how you went. x Missy

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